Zsebe Jozsef

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Zsebe Jozsef

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Жебе Йожеф


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Paper Conceptions 1999


NOA-315 2001

Шаблон: п·о·и
Форма: в·о·и


Some sentences about me:

I am thirty-eight years old unmarried teacher from Hungary. I live in a small village, Kölesd. I work for a builders technical school in a town. I learn at a university, too.

When I was a child, I liked folding papers, but as the most of the children in Hungary I could only fold papaer-planes, shako, paper-boat. In 1994 I found and bought an origami book in a shop. For that day I had spent my leisure folding models. The book was written for beginners, so I could only learn the fish-, the frog-, and the bird base. I like logic games very much so that I tried to create new models. I had to try and make every other folding by myself, because there was only three base in my first origami book.

It is very important, that my model should be :

  • made of only one square paper without cuting and sticking
  • express the real characteristic of the animal ( I create animal models)
  • have the least paper-wasting
  • and as simple as it is possible ( it could be drawn in a few pictures)

I try my models in more simplier way, more better, with less paperwasting, using one square paper. I has never rample the paper, I has even use simple foldings making models made of metal-foil paper. I usually use carton papers. Size : 70x70 centimeters.

I was the winner in NOA Origami World Exhibition in Japan, in 1999. I won the prize of the Foreign Office Minister of Japan. Perhaps my secret is in individually folded models. I don't use books to help the folding therefore my models look like no other man's works. Therefore I was the guest in Origami Convention 2001 in Japan.

Folding is very important in my life, and I wish my models will delight many children and adult in the world.

J. Zsebe Kölesd, 2005-10-10



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