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Wu Joseph



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Шаблон: п·о·и
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Joseph Wu started folding at the age of three and has continued to experiment with this ancient paper art form ever since. He looks to the late Master Yoshizawa Akira of Japan, the father of modern origami, as his inspiration.

Noted for combining artistic merit with technical achievement, mythical beings are a favourite subject of Joseph’s origami sculptures. He is one of the few origami artists who has made a career for himself in this field. His designs have appeared in international publications, advertising and galleries.

Joseph’s origami has been featured in exhibitions around the world, as well as in such magazines as People, Vanity Fair, Talk, New Yorker, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Journal, GQ, Playboy, Details, Rolling Stone, US Weekly, Interview, National Geographic Traveler, Food & Wine, and Gourmet. He has illustrated articles for the New York Times and annual reports for various corporations such as Transamerica, and has produced animated origami commercials that have appeared in North America and in Asia. Joseph’s current focus is on exploring ways of using paper to focus on the form of his subjects, moving away from the technical origami ideal of greater and greater detail. His use of tension shaping as a design technique allows him to create sculptural pieces with a distinctly graphic appearance, further evolving origami into a new and modern art form.

Joseph is an integral member of PALM (Paperfolders Around the Lower Mainland), Vancouver’s own origami club. He is also active in the international origami community, teaching at origami conferences in many countries, and facilitating communications between origami enthusiasts on the Internet.


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