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О себе[1]: "Я родился в Южной Африке в 1977 году и жил там до 2003. С 2003 по 2005 год работал в Англии, а в 2006 эмигрировал в Канаду"

Meet the Artist

Quentin Trollip was born in South Africa, where he lived for 27 years, served in the military and received his degree in Physiotherapy.

At about ten years of age, Quentin started folding paper from a book by well known origamist and magician, Robert Harbin, who was incidentally also born in South Africa. As there were very few origami books available, Quentin’s interest in origami faded as he became a sport enthusiast.

At age 18 he owned three origami books, all pre-dating the 1980’s. It was with the birth of the internet that he discovered how origami had evolved and he took up the art again, folding from several new books that he obtained off the internet.

In 1997, Quentin started designing and diagramming his own original designs. He has now developed his own unique style of designing and folding, combining realism, complexity and aesthetics from a single uncut square of paper.

Quentin’s love and interest in nature has had a great influence on his preference for designing origami animals, and his knowledge of human movement is evident in his origami creations of subjects in specific characteristic postures or behaviours.

Quentin now resides in Canada with his wife and daughter, where he practices physiotherapy, enjoys the great outdoors and creates new original origami designs.


  • Специально приглашенный гость на AEP-2012


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