Stoian Ioana

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Stoian Ioana

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Canada-2012 2012

Шаблон: п·о·и
Форма: в·о·и

Based in London and Strasbourg, Ioana Stoian is a self-employed decorative painter who specialises in high quality paint finishes. She pays great attention to detail and works closely with her clients to deliver satisfying results. Interested in natural paints and old techniques, she welcomes new challenges in these fields.

An apprentice at 18, Ioana joined the trade via the traditional French model of hands-on learning with master craftsmen. This culminated with a sponsorship to the famed Van Der Kelen Institute in Brussels (an art school founded in 1882, producing European crème de la crème in the domain of restoration, graining, marbling, trompe l’oeil…) Today, Ioana works internationally, for herself and in collaboration with prestigious painting firms and well-known artists. Her work covers a broad spectrum of activities, from giving advice on new colour schemes to restoring damaged paint finishes.

In addition to her painting endeavours Ioana applies the same rigor to her artwork. Primarily working with her own large scale hand-made paper she produces unique one-off pieces. Her compositions often reverberate from the intense energy brought forth by the meditative act of repetitive folding and manipulation. Her works contain a mysterious power that is captured within the fibres of the paper. She is intrigued by the juxtaposition of the permanence of her painting work and the ephemeral nature of her paper creations.

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