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Skillman Summer



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My name is Summer, and I'm a spirited, self taught artist with a flare for the unique and memorable. In less than a year, I have found my passion and started a business from scratch, by sheer accident.

It all started when I was helping out a friend with suggestions for the bridal shower she was hosting. Since we were living in Japan, instead of real flowers why not make origami ones? Fun!

At that moment, I knew I found my obsession. From then on, I have taken origami out of its traditional setting to construct something extraordinary. I've even designed my own flowers to achieve a signature look.

My art is not just limited to flowers. I have coordinated and conceived some of the most distinctive arrangements with my clients. Everything from a “Steampunk” bouquet, a mini arrangement made from candy wrappers, and roses made from some of the most unusual colors. Custom work is always a pleasure and very welcome here in my studio. I love the challenge of making others' visions come alive.

My Bohemian Summer has been a very successful venture for me so far, with features on popular websites and blogs, such as:, InsideOut Magazine, Project Wedding by eHarmony, Broke-Ass Bride, and appearances in Etsy Finds. Along with that, all the treasuries, blogs and Facebook pages that I have had the wonderful opportunity to grace.

Bringing you My Bohemian Summer is a pleasure with origami flower art, wedding bouquets, favors, home decor and more!

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