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Jeremy Shafer is a professional entertainer and origamist. He has been folding origami since he was ten, and tends to create overly whimsical and ridiculous models, such as his "Man Swatter" and "BARF Bag". As an entertainer, his stunts include folding a burning origami bird, riding a flaming unicycle, and juggling torches. He taught for 13 summers at Camp Winnarainbow, a circus-arts/activities camp in California. He is an active member of OrigamiUSA and publishes a quarterly newsletter for the San Francisco Bay Area origami group, BARF (Bay Area Rapid Folders, a play on BART, Bay Area Rapid Transit). He lives in Berkeley.

О себе

Hi world! Describe myself? I'm 5-10, blue eyes, muscular build... just kidding. No, but really, I'm a professional entertainer -- juggler, unicyclist and, yes, origamist. I wrote two origami books, which you already know about if you've seen any of my videos. I also like to sing, dance and play piano. I've added my own music to my videos - it's me improv-ing on my Yamaha Keyboard using the database of music styles to accompany me -- I control the accompaniment with my left hand while playing the melody with my right. I play by ear -- I'm influenced by songs I hear -- so if a song sounds familiar to you that's why.


  • Участник пятого сезона в японской программе "TV Champion" (2002 г.). В финале уступил Satoshi Kamiya.

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