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Stuchly Petr


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COS-2012 2012
Chili 2011 (Santiago) 2011
OUSA-2009 2009
OUSA-2010 2010
OUSA-2011 2011
Reference fold-1 2011

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just to write a little bit about myslef.

i am 18 now and i have been folding origami for 7 years and i created my first own origami design about 6 years ago.

i used to be only a "trial and error" designer, but i recently eplored the power of circle/river packing, which helps me to come up with CPs. i have used this technique for my latest models.

although i draw draft CPs, i never use a software aid to create them, i only use a graphic editor to draw clean versions of them.

origami is an obsession for me and my great hobby.

i still have a lot to explore but i can see the year to year progress in the complexity of my models.

during the years i have created over 500 original designs, not really all of them in a suitable quallity, i have only about 5 models that look as i dreamt them to be and which i am really satisfied with.

i have always been atracted with creative stuff, such as lego, drawing, and 3D paper figures, but now i am on the track of origami and i feel this is my thing. i have never had such feelings when doing the other mentioned stuff. and i love the possibility to create something from nothing, to make a sheet of paper alive. and it's really not about the folding itself. it is about giving a part of myslef in every model i fold. this is why i have stored most the things i have folded, just to keep the memory of the time when i was a newbie to it, and also to have a load of things to go backwards to and to reexplore some idea eventually. :-)

i also like to watch TV in the evening,

i have a dog, so i spend my afternoons outside,

i also play volley ball and basketball,

i like to read and i have an adict to spend my nights on flickr because i have great friends here and i enjoy meeting the new ones and that's pretty much it :-)

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