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Meenakshi Mukerji (Adhikari) was introduced to origami as a child by her uncle Bireswar Mukhopadhyay. She rediscovered origami in 1995 in its modular form quite by chance when she was living in Pittsburgh, PA. A friend took her to a class taught by Doug Philips and ever since, she has been designing modular origami and displaying it on her very popular website. In 2005, Origami USA presented her with the Florence Temko award for generously sharing her work on the internet. In April 2007, A K Peters Ltd published her first origami book Marvelous Modular Origami which became an origami best seller within the year.

Meenakshi was born and raised in Kolkata, India. She obtained her degree in Electrical Engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and then came to the United States to pursue a Masters in Computer Science. She worked in the software industry for over a decade but is now at home in California with her husband and two children to enrich their lives and to practice origami. She is currently working on her second book. People who have provided her with much origami inspiration and encouragement are Rosalinda Sanchez, David Petty, Francis Ow, Rona Gurkewitz, Robert Lang, Rachel Katz, Ravi Apte and the viewers of her website.

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