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My fascination with origami began with the simple, traditional pieces that I learned as a child. In 1972, I chanced upon a copy of Robert Harbin's "Secrets of Origami". That opened my eyes to the mind-boggling possibilities that origami presented. Since then, origami has been a part of my life.

I also have a pronounced appreciation for nature and a love for the animals and other lifeforms that we share the world with. When I began developing origami designs of my own, it seemed only natural that my love for animals and nature became the preferred theme of my creations.

Over the years, many of my creations were exhibited in Singapore, Japan, the USA, and several European countries. My origami has also appeared in a number of publications of origami societies in these countries. I also have a booklet on Origami Goldfish, published by OUSA.

Although I have been paper folding for many years, I was folding in isolation for much of that time. The change began in 1993, when I was encouraged to exhibit some of my origami at the 1993 OUSA Convention. Following that convention and quite out of the blue, the Nippon Origami Association (NOA) invited me to send a selection of my origami to be photographed and showcased in Issue 222 of their magazine (February 1994).

The event that probably brought me the most exposure to the international origami community occurred in 1999 when, for a few months, Yurii and Katrin Shumakov hosted some photos of my origami and an interview on their Oriland website.

My fondest accomplishment in origami was the designing and folding, together with 15 members and friends of the Origami Group in Singapore, of a 45.49 metre-long King Cobra in 2000.

This provided me with the impetus and opportunity, through a number of appearances on national TV, local print media reports and invitations to exhibit, teach and conduct origami-related events, to help promote origami in Singapore as an artform in its own right, and a wholesome pursuit that entire families can share and enjoy together.

That some year, things began to happen on the home front as well. Through the pioneering efforts of Leong Cheng Chit and Albert Sng, a small group of origami enthusiasts in Singapore were brought together, to share our common interest in origami, and with the aim of promoting origami as an art form. That group is now more than 25 strong, and has organized or participated in several origami or arts-related events in Singapore.

Best regards,

Ronald Koh

Contact me : [email protected]

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