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I started folding at the age of 6 years, joined the Vietnam Origami Group in 2006, and started designing about 1 year later. In 2008, I started wet folding my designs, instead of dry folding. I like the styles of Akira Yoshizawa, Kunihiko Kasahara, Eric Joisel and Dinh Truong Giang very much. I learn a great deal from studying their work.I love designing animals, and like to exaggerate details as well as personify them. Wet folding helps me to achieve softness in the models.

Hoang T. Quyet was born in 1988, in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam and started folding when he was 6-years old. From Nicolas Terry’s website, Quyet learned about Vietnam Origami Group, and immediately joined making many friends with origami as a hobby or passion. A year later, Quyet had created his first design.

At the beginning, Quyet’s designs were influenced by Hojyo Takashi’s and Neal Elias’ style. However, in 2008, he started to find his own path, after Giang Dinh (whom he affectionately call “Uncle”) taught him to wet-fold. In addition, thanks to knowing Nguyen Hung Cuong, Quyet learned a great deal from through designs of Akira Yoshizawa, Eric Joisel and Kunihiko Kasahara.

Quyet likes designing animals and always try to blow a soul into them, personifying them. He particularly loves expressing the feminine, the grace charm and softness that wet-folding helps to achieve. He does not look for completely new subjects but enjoys sticking with the familiar and expressing it in his unique and gifted way.

Origami Canada is Quyet’s first visit to North America. His life goal is to become a professional paper folder.

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