Gareth Louis

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I have been folding since 1991 in the classroom. Folding came about from inspiration from some close friends who motivated me into the craft. Since then, the obsession has really absorbed my leisure and invoked some sense of satisfaction towards my daily life. Origami is fun! Let's make it that way!

I have no names for my first books but these were mostly not authored children's folding books. It was not until 1994 that I purchased my first origami book authored by Paulo Mulathino plainly entitled 'Origami'.

My area of interest is currently oriented towards dual subject models, vehicles and objects. On a technical approach I try to incorporate several techniques, mainly including colour-changes, appendage mining, off-setting and segment isolation in my models. Basically I try to realise any idea that comes into mind, into a practical model.

Throughout the years inspiration came from several folders noting their innovation implemented towards their designs, Marc Kirschenbaum (colour-changing), David Brill (artistic cum mechanical folding),and Steven Casey (simplicity and efficiency). I am heavily influenced by their work and try to 'steal' techniques to implement towards my creativity. Henri Matisse once said 'good artists borrow, great artists steal'.

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