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Neal Elias - американский оригамист, создатель техники box-pleating (Elias pleating).


Neal Elias (1921-2005) was an amateur magician and origami master.

Born - March 06, 1921, Cleveland Ohio. Died - September 21, 2005 (age 84)

He worked most of his life for the North Western Railroad as an office clerk and supervisor in the payroll department. He met his wife Betty, the only daughter of a magic shop proprietor, through his frequent visits to the shop.

For years Neal carried on a three way correspondence with Ed Marlo and Lin Searles. Each would write a letter to one of the others to pose problems or answer them.

Origami had come to Neal’s attention in 1951 via one of Houdini’s books on magic Houdini's Paper Magic (1922).

Books and contributions

  • Neal Elias' At the Table, a magic booklet describing and illustrating 14 card illusions (1946)
  • The Jiggle Pass and Variations by Bob Taylor and Neal Elias (1946)
  • Contributions to Ibidem magazine
  • Show Stoppers with Cards by Jean Hugard and Fred Braue (1948) contains: 10-6-9-4 - Bert Fenn and Neal Elias / Neal Elias Nail Cutting
  • Millennium Aces by Karl Fulves (1981) contains: Neil Elias half-pass
  • Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table (1988) contains: Neal Elias' Cutting Discovery
  • Flashpoints: Edward Marlo's Full Tilt and Compleat Devilish Miracle (1992) written by Jon Racherbaumer contains added material by Neal Elias
  • Card College, Vol. 3 (1998) contains Swing Cut Multiple Shift by Neal Elias & Ed Marlo.
  • Neal Elias Multiple Shift
  • Neal Elias Flourish one-handed Cut
  • Neal Elias Jumping Card


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