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Steven Casey Biography

When I was aged nine or ten I came across a copy of Robert Harbin's "Origami 1" at School. Every week an afternoon was reserved for activities and I joined in with other kids to learn a new origami model. After mastering a blowup frog I decided I must get my own copy. After a time I collected other books by Harbin and others and a few years later I received a copy of "Secrets Of Origami" for my birthday. This was a milestone and I decided I wanted to do origami forever I loved it so much.

At age fourteen or fifteen I came across Harbin's Origami a Step by Step Guide. This was by far the most exciting book on origami I had seen to date. I had tried to design a few simple models and this book inspired me to explore more advanced themes. At this point I think I was really hooked!


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