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Sakamoto June




TM-127 2011

Шаблон: п·о·и
Форма: в·о·и

I am a third generation Japanese-American born in San Jose, California. I learned how to fold my first origami model, the traditional crane, from my mother at age 7. I became self-taught in this art and have been folding ever since.

I have been working as a professional origami artist/instructor since 1990. I have traveled to attend various origami conventions and events around the world and have taught origami to countless children and adults. I also teach origami locally to children via my work through Project Impact, an organization in New Jersey which conducts educational workshops for schools and other institutions.

I am currently on the OrigamiUSA board of directors and serve as executive secretary and exhibition chairperson. My biggest responsibility for this non-profit organization is to design and execute the decorating of their annual Origami Holiday Tree which is on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This is a 14 foot tall tree which has a unique design and theme each year and consists entirely of thousands of origami models.

I have appeared on the Martha Stewart Living TV show (first aired on July 2002 and was recently repeated) and have done an episode for PBS' new TV 411 program last year. I have also been interviewed on numerous TV news programs when the origami tree-lighting ceremony has been broadcast on networks around the world.

I have translated into English a bilingual origami book published by popular Japanese origami author, Makoto Yamaguchi titled, "Let's Enjoy Origami" and a second book, "Origami A to Z".

June Sakamoto 9 Merrill Drive Mahwah, NJ 07430


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