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Mitchell David

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Ори-17 1999
Ори-21 2000

Шаблон: п·о·и
Форма: в·о·и

David Mitchell has been folding paper since he was eleven, creating original designs since he was twenty-seven and making a living as a professional author and illustrator specialising in origami and paperfolding mathematics since he was forty-five. He is particularly well known for his innovative modular and macro-modular sculptures but is also a prolific inventor of single and multi-piece paperfolds, action novelties and puzzles. As a result he has been privileged to have been invited as a guest artist and teacher to the conventions of many national origami societies, including those of Italy, France, Germany, the USA, and most recently of Israel.

His most famous designs are probably Electra, the Enigma Cube, the Columbus Cube, P-P-Pig and the 1 fold Elephant, a list which aptly illustrates the broad spectrum of his creative work.

As well as writing and publishing a range of specialist books and leaflets aimed at origami enthusiasts, which are currently in the course of being fully revised and re-issued, he has also written and illustrated many books for commercial publication, including Mathematical Origami, The Magic of Flexagons, Complete Origami, Paper Planes and Sticky Note Origami.

David Mitchell lives in Kendal, close to the mountains of the English Lake District, where he loves to walk. He is also a passionate fan of latin dance and music, particularly salsa and bachata.

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