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Kwan Daniel

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I'm 25, and graduated from Rutgers University. My first and foremost hobby is origami, and my Flickr photostream is pretty much devoted to documenting my endeavors in that, and sharing ideas with the origami community. I also enjoy playing go (the board game), which I play on KGS (username: Origamikid). My other developed pastime is DDR/ITG/SM (really only ITG and SM, but people generally only ever heard of DDR). I have been folding since I was 5. I got particularly interested in modulars when I got the book Unit Origami by Tomoko Fuse. I've been a part of OUSA and the NYC conventions since I was 10, and from there my appetite for new origami models exploded.

Starting around 2002, I started designing my own modulars, most of them based on edge-unit polyhedra, and I have been developing my own niche of the modular world ever since.

After the 2008 OUSA NYC convention, I started exploring the world of tessellations. This quickly became an addiction, and currently consumes a lot of my spare time. I have the tessellation flickr community to thank for their support, ideas, and constant encouragement.

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