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Harris Jerry

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Mythical Beings (Origami Today) 1992
OUSA-1991 1991
OUSA-1992 1992
OUSA-1993 1993
Origami Sourcebook 2004
Ори-29 2002

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About me[1]

I was born at a very early age in Chicago, Illinois, where I lived from 1970-1979. I then moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado, where I grew up, actualized, and remained through the beginning of my collegiate studies. I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1990 to continue my studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder from which I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geoscience in 1993. I began my professional career with fossils in 1991 as a Volunteer Fossil Preparator at the Denver Museum of Natural History (now called the Denver Museum of Nature and Science). I was quite fortunate to gain employment there as a Fossil Preparator after graduation, and I helped set up their fabulous "Prehistoric Journey" exhibit. After the exhibit was completed, I moved to Dallas, Texas to work on my Master of Science degree from Southern Methodist University, which I earned in 1997. After graduating from SMU, I was again employed as a fossil preparator, this time at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science where I helped prepare specimens -- including a vast number of phytosaur skulls -- for a forthcoming Triassic exhibit hall. Presently, I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, still studying vertebrate paleontology and related geological and biological subjects. My wonderful girlfriend, Tracey (a very adept amateur paleontologist and fossil preparator), and I are now continually struggling to adapt our Western sensibilities to the East Coast mentality -- light a candle for us!

Why vertebrate paleontology?

Like most children, I developed an interest in dinosaurs at a very early age (some of my earliest memories involve giant wall-hangings I had of various dinosaurs), but unlike most, I never grew out of my fascination with them! Of course, since then, my interest has diversified to include many non-dinosaurian fossils (see my Curriculum Vitae ). I've included in this page links to many other spots on the web where you can learn about dinosaurs and other Mesozoic animals. Enjoy!

Recently, I have been a Teaching Assistant for various courses. To get an overview of these courses, please visit their respective web sites:

  • Geology 003/Physics 003/Astronomy 003: Evolution of the Physical World (Fall 2000, 2001, and 2002)
  • Geology 125: Earth and Life Through Time (Spring 2001 and 2002)
  • Geology 130: Oceanography (Spring 2003)



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